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Know Your Subject Deeply +

Due to Covid 19 we were unable to meet in person. Our curriculum development programme therefore adapted. Know your subject deeply + follows the model of a subject knowledge training session aimed at all teachers. This is then followed by a subject leadership training sessions, run by the same expert. The subject leaders then met to deep dive in to the subject - however, last year this had to take place via Zoom. 

This year we are hoping that the deep dives that took place are repeated in person, we also have other subject knowledge sessions planned, including MFL and music.

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Subject Knowledge Sessions

So far we have had sessions from these experts:

Anthony Barlow  - Geography @total geography ITE Lecturer @RoehamptonEdu

Bryony Turford  - Science @priscigeeks Science Consultant

Stuart Tiffany  - History @Mr_S_Tiffany @histassoc

The National Gallery - Art @NationalGallery

For more information on what is happening next, please see the homepage.

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