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Know Your Subject Deeply

Know your subject deeply was a project that was joint funded by Compass Hub and Ealing. Subject leaders were employed to lead sessions about curriculum leadership after a joint session around pedagogy changes in the new Ofsted framework. The project is now in its second year. This year's activities have been led by subject experts to increase the subject knowledge of all teachers. Followed by a session to further develop the skills of subject leaders. Finally, the subject leaders are spending a day sharing their progress and supporting each other's development. If you'd like to get involved, see the events on the homepage - non-Compass Hub members are welcome, however there is the tiny charge of £20.

Subject Leader Sessions Led By:

Science Stacey Dole, Willow Tree Primary

Geography Nicola Forster, North Primary

History Sarah Mackenzie, North Primary

PE Peter Blackman, North Primary

Music Helen Mitchell, Weald Rise Primary

Computing Jonathan Thornton, Weald Rise Primary

Art Shirley Sexton, St John Fisher

RE Candice Mclaughlin, North Primary

PSHE Jackie Renault, Hamborough Primary

Group Sessions led By:

What is a Deep Dive, Pete Dunmall, Fielding Primary

Memory, Nicola Forster, North Primary

Dual Coding, Tom Young, Charles Dickens Research School

Curriculum, Rob Carpenter CEO Inspire Partnership






National Society for the education of Art and Design – some useful resources

Design and technology association

Lots of great resources including 82 questions to ask about art

Another great site with lots of info - the Art handbook is an excellent resource covers all aspects of teaching, planning and assessing art

Progression of skills grids for Art and DT




Questions to ask children
Geography Skills
Learning Walk Prompts
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